Monday, 21 December 2009

Movie Cast Mondays

Movie Cast Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Mindful Musings - anyone can join in, the guidelines are:

1) Create your own cast for an upcoming book-to-movie adaptation OR pick a book you'd like to see be turned into a movie and choose a cast.
2) Post the book title, author, and summary.
3) Try to pick at least 3 of the main characters to cast.

This week is Evermore by Alyson Noel....

Ever is the girl who has lost everything...her whole family in one foul swoop.  She was popular at her old school until the fateful day when everything was taken from her.  She almost left this world along with her family but something pulled her back and ever since she's able to hear people's innermost thoughts.   My pick for who sould play Ever is Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts niece)......I just think she has the right look or else Taylor Swift, I'm not sure if she's an actress as well as a singer but she's just beautiful and she looks how I imagine Ever would.

Riley, the little sister who hasn't crossed over with the rest of the family instead haunts her older sister is stuck as a twelve year old girl desperately wanting to be a teen.  My choice for Riley would be Dakota Fanning, I've always thought she was a great little actress.....

Ah...the hunky boy who has been waiting for Ever forever.  He's a little bit dark and dangerous but that's what attracts to pick for Damen is Sean Faris.  Isn't he just dreamy?

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  1. I like the cast! Especially Emma Roberts and Dakota Fanning. They're both so talented! I haven't seen Sean Faris act before, but he looks like he could do the part. Thanks for joining in!