Monday, 14 December 2009

Movie Cast Mondays

Movie Cast Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Mindful Musings - anyone can join in, the guidelines are:

1) Create your own cast for an upcoming book-to-movie adaptation OR pick a book you'd like to see be turned into a movie and choose a cast.
2) Post the book title, author, and summary.
3) Try to pick at least 3 of the main characters to cast.

My pick this week is:

The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons

I've been in love with this book for years and have always thought it should be made into a movie, so here's my pick of the cast:

I have two main options for Tatiana:  Amanda Seyfried and Emilie DeRavin.

They both just seem to embody my image of Tatiana; blonde, blue eyed, fraigle, vulnerable with a strength yet to be discovered.  While Emilie DeRavin may be slightly to old I think she'd play the part perfectly.  I think she'd play the conflicting emotions of Tatiana well - the undying loyalty to her sister and family and the irrevocable attraction and love she feels for Alexander.


Paullina Simons has created the character of Alexander in such a way that he is almost real.  He is a soldier in world war two Russia harbouring a secret which could get him and those close to him killed, he is loyal, fiercely protective and hugely flawed.  So my pick for an actor to play Alexander is Channing Tatum.  He fits the physical attributes of what I've imagined Alexander to be and I think he play the conflicted, brooding solider well.


Karl Urban - an actor from my homeland - New Zealand.  I think he is a brilliant actor but has that kind of slimy, sleazey look that I image of Dimitri.  Dimitri is the guy who is Alexander's best friend - the best friend who knows all of Alexander's secrets and could bring Alexander's tentatively held together reality crashing down.


Tatiana's older sister, Dasha, is the polar opposite of Tatiana.  She is dark while Tatiana is fair, Tatiana is shy and reserved while Dasha is outgoing and speaks her mind.  I also imagine Dasha to be beautiful in her own way.  To me, Eva Green fits the bill perfectly, she's dark and beautiful and has an exotic sense to her.

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  1. Thanks for joining in! I've never read this book before, but I'd definitely be interested in reading it after seeing the cast you chose. I love Emilie DeRavin!