Thursday, 2 September 2010

Top Ten Picks: Book Covers

Top ten picks is a meme hosted by Random Ramblings.  This weeks topic is book covers for her entry go here: Random ramblings top ten picks

Now onto mine:

1) Twilight - this is the version of the book I first bought and I love the cover.  The hands holding the apple are just the perfect representation of the temptation Bella is for Edward.  It represents the push/pull of good and evil as shown in the bible.  And the pure white arms against the black background just pop.

2) Fallen:   This book cover is part of what attracted me to the book without even knowing the premise.  The dark looming background is mysterious and a little bit dangerous.  The standing side on in such dark colours almost blends into the background and not being able to see her face adds to the mystery and makes you wonder who she is and what her story is. 

3)  Charlie and The Chocolate factory:  I was just so in love with this book as a child that any cover for it would do it for me.

4) To Kill a Mockingbird - This is the 50th anniversary edition which I actually own - it was given to me as a gift and I absolutely love it, the hardcover grey cover with the symbolic mockingbird and the white lettering is gorgeous.

5) Tomorrow when the war began:  This was a book I read as a teenager and I keep going back to it.  The cover represents everything the book is about.  The ferris wheel lit up coming out of the dark background, the barbed wire representing the town being caged in and held prisoner. 
6)  PS, I love you - Again this is the version of the book I own, I just adore this cover with the bundle of letters - I love letter writing it's such a lost art and in the concept of this book it's such a beautiful healing thing.  A bundle of letters on the cover perfectly represents the concept of the book.

7) The Lovely Bones - This was such a haunting book for me.  Because of the subject matter I couldn't decide if I wanted to/was going to read it.  In the end I did and it was so beautifully and delicately handled and while Susie's actual death was a bit graphic the rest of the book - as narrated by Susie was more about the aftermath and the pain of letting go.  The cover is beautiful, the blue like the sky or the ocean and the bracelet floating at the top to me represents Susie's soul floating somewhere in the place between life and death.

8) Ink exchange - While the book itself didn't really do anything for me, the cover is gorgeous - the tattoo, the girl looking over her shoulder and the purple background as if it were the ink.

9)  Hush, Hush - This is the perfect cover for this book - the image of an angel literally crashing through as he falls to earth and from grace and the feathers of his wings flying out as he falls.  The grey background is like the stormy skies. 

10) The last letter from your lover - while I didn't particularly enjoy the story, the cover appeals to my fascination with letter writing and love letters, it's what attracted me to the book in the first place. 


  1. Very beautiful picks!
    Would you tell me what you think of my book's cover, please? 'Cause these days are the last to decide the final version :)

  2.'re so right, it's a great cover. I also thought of Mockingbird, but chose the newer 50th anniversary edition. The Lovely Bones is eerie, showing Susie's charm bracelet. How do you like my picks?

  3. Love that cover for The Last Letter from your Lover -- so cute and girly! Tomorrow when the War Began looks so intriguing too!