Thursday, 2 September 2010

favourite fictional character #4

Favourite Fictional Character is a weekly meme by the blog : It's where we discuss our favourite fictional characters from books, tv, movies.

Peter Pan:

What child at some point or another didn't wish desperately to be Peter Pan.  The boy who never grew up? 
Peter was the leader of a gang of mis-fits or lost boys who were lost by their parents and went to neverland never growing up.  Why would they?  Their adventures in neverland were much more impressive than any a grown up seemed to have. 

I also adored Tinkerbell, Peter's best friend who just happened to be a little bit in love with him.  Peter was the hero of the story but at the same time he was very self-indulgent, self centred and carried around a huge ego.  But why wouldn't he - after all those in Neverland (with the exception of Caption Hook) worshipped him and put him above everyone else. 

The ability to fly was Peter's most attractive quality - but it had it's weakness as it was a combination of fairy dust and happy thoughts.  He can also mimic voices and the dreaded crocodile which terrifies Caption Hook so immensely. 

For me, Peter Pan represents all which is great about being a chid:  the joy and the sense that the world is a place filled with fun and adventure, the sense that you can do and be anything you want....

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