Thursday, 12 August 2010

Favourite Fictional Characters

Favourite Fictional Character is a weekly meme by a blog I've just discovered: wordsmithonia.  It's where we discuss our favourite fictional characters from books, tv, movies.  So, without further ado here's my first Favourite Fictional Character:

ALF:  Who didn't love ALF in the late '80s, he was adorable.  Alf landed in the Tanner's garage - well perhaps crashed is a better description and they took him in and protected him from being discovered.    He was mischievious, saracastic, slovenly and cynical but he had a heart of gold and would do anything for the Tanner's - particularly the children. 

I used to love watching ALF and seeing what he'd get up to next: whether it was chasing the cat around:  he had a real hunger for cats; or doing a Tom Cruise in the living room.  I'd be in fits of giggles.  And I had every kind of ALF merchandise available: the movie, colouring books, the action figure. 

ALF was the force behind a show which was filled with comedy, drama and science fiction.

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