Sunday, 28 March 2010

Random Post

Here's a little random post:  I've joined the library!  The boyfriend has banned me from buying more books, so I found a loophole in that rule.  I toddled to the local Surrey Library and joined up and was so excited about it - you can get books and CDs and DVDs.  It's like heaven on earth.
Don't get me wrong I'm still more a fan of buying/owning books but I've always looked the atmosphere of a library - the musky smell of the books, the rustling of pages being turned.


  1. yay for libraries! I've been haunting my local library lately. It was about two years ago since I last went there then last month I stopped by and have been on the fast track to addiction since.

  2. Don't blame you. Love the library. I haven't read Sarah Dessen. I must read one and maybe more. Doing the blog hop