Wednesday, 17 March 2010

On My Wishlist #7

On My Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted by Book Chick City whose blog I absolutely love. Anyway, On My Wishlist is where we can post our list of books which are on the list to be read, wishing we owned....books we covet.

This week's pick is Willow by Julia Hoban:

Seven months ago on a rainy March night, Willow Randall’s parents drank too much wine at dinner and asked her to drive them home. But they never made it – Willow lost control of the car, and both of her parents were killed.
Now seventeen, Willow has left behind her old home, friends, and school – numbing the grim reality of her new life by secretly cutting herself. But everything changes when one of Willow’s new classmates, a boy as sensitive and thoughtful as she is, discovers Willow’s secret and refuses to let her destroy herself.

Why would I want to read a story with such a dark subject matter?  Simple, I'm intrigued by stories with characters who are emotionally damaged and manage to dig themselves out of the deep, dark depths of their own personal hell and find their way to healing.

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