Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fierce by Kelly Osbourne

So, I've just finished reading an autobiography which I must admit I don't really enjoy reading but this one by Kelly Osbourne was a suprisingly witty read.  I have always been a sucker for stories about the bad girl gone good - it's a strange fascination.  And Kelly Osbourne is one of the ultimate bad girls turned good - with Ozzy Osbourne for a father and Sharon Osbourne for a mother.

This book, when read doesn't appear to be one of those contrived celebrity books where you can just tell that they didn't write it themselves, in this one the style and tone really is that of Kelly Osbourne, it's written the way she speaks.

It touches on growing up with her father's drug addiction and her mother's fierce protection from it, the bullying she suffered at school because of her father's fame, her close relationship with her brother and lastly on her struggle with drugs and self-image.  What really makes this biography unique is that she has included advice from experts on fashion, beauty, drug addiction and eatting disorders.  It really is a suprisingly intelligent read.

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