Thursday, 22 July 2010

Top Ten Picks: Favourite Male Literary Characters

Top ten picks is an original meme hosted by random bookish ramblings where she picks a topic and makes a list.  This weeks is favourite male literary characters here's her list

And my list is below:

1.  Romeo.  Yes I said it: Romeo as in Romeo and Juliet.  He was my original literary crush.  He died for his love. sigh.

2.  Mr Darcy.  Pride and Prejudice.  I don't know a lot of girls who have read Pride and Prejudice and haven't swooned for Darcy.

3.  Alexander from The Bronzehorseman.  Alexander is a strong masculine character who would do anything to protect his love while he tries to control the situations he at the same time accepts Tatiana's strong will and her own ability to be a strong character. 

4. Sam from Shiver.  Sam, as a wolf protected Grace from his own pack and later literally falls into her life again.  He is torn by the elements and the seasons, constantly battling to remain human but even as a wolf still maintains a sense of integrity and what is right and wrong.

5.  Patch from Hush, Hush.  Patch is such a bad boy, dangerous character, he's dark and mysterious, just the kind of guy I would be attracted to.  When we first met him I found him cocky and wondered what his intentions were and then it was made clear his sights had always been on Nora but his intentions were more sinister at the start until he started to fall for her.  Literally the bad boy turned good.

6.  Noah from The Notebook.  When reading The Notebook, I felt worse for Noah than I did for Allie; Noah was the one who seemed to suffer the most.  After they broke up, Allie moved on and found new love but Noah suffered for his affection.

7. Landon Carter.  A Walk to Remember.  Landon was the bad boy who was forced to work with the good, minister's daughter, a girl he and his friends picked on.  He evidently warms to her and they form a tentative relationship and he becomes determined to do whatever he can to keep her happy and safe.

8.  Alex from Perfect Chemistry.  The gang guy who has good intentions for doing what he is doing:  to protect his family.  He looks at Brittany as the blonde, cheerleader, the untouchable, until he's paired up with her in chemistry and they start to look past what they think they know about each other.  Watching Alex realise he's in love with Brittany and then trying to do whatever he can to either protect her or just be with her makes you realise he's not as tough as he seems. 

9.  Jesse in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot.  Ah, Jesse.  I remember reading the Mediator series as a teenager and swooning.  Jesse is the hot ghost in Suze's room who is gentlemanly and protective of her and who would rather stay a ghost than move on because of her.

10.  Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird is a good man through and through, singlehandedly raising his two child and trying to install in them a good sense of morals and to teach them that all isn't always as it appears.  In a time which there was still a huge racial divide he tries to teach his children that colour does not matter. 

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