Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen

Just Listen Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars What can I say? I actually found this book sort of mediocre. I was expecting so much more. Anabel is the girl who on the outside apparently has everything: She's a model, perfect family life. But everything is not as it seems, her older sister is suffering from an eating disorder, she wants to quit modelling but doesn't want to disappoint her mother so hides the truth but refuses to admit she lies. And because of some shameful secret she's keeping about what happened over the summer she's lost all her friends.Enter Owen, the boy tipped to be bad, the outcast with anger managment issues who saves Anabel from the evil gossipers and they develop a friendship based on their arguements over music. Owen prefers the harder side of musical genius whereas Anabel is all about the poppy stuff. To me this story seemed to follow the same formula of the other Sarah Dessen book I've read: Girl with troubled past/issues meets slightly bad boy who proceeds to show her the error of her ways and save her from herself. It just all seems a little repetitive and their relationship didn't really seem to develop. View all my reviews >>

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