Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I’m going to be perfectly honest; I’ve always wondered what the fascination with Stonehenge is. I understand that it’s interesting in the terms of how the stones actually got there but in my mind they’ve always been just stones - not worth going and paying to see.

While I still stand by that: I refuse to pay to see them. I did in fact see them as we drove past on our way to somewhere. We stopped at the car park and I jumped out and took the obligatory photo and to be fair, I still wasn’t overly fussed. But then on the way back we went past again and the sun was just setting and I got a photo which I think is just incredible. When I saw the stones at that time of day when there were absolutely no tourists or people surrounding them, I could almost imagine people going there thousands of years ago and performing whatever ceremonies they performed and it was in that moment that I truly saw them as beautiful: not because of all the hype, the history or the tourists but just because they were simply there and it was peaceful and serene and a simple beauty which I could appreciate.

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