Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks tells the story of Logan Thibault an ex-marine returned from serving in Iraq. Thibault is embarking on a walk from Colorado with only the company of his faithful German Shepard. He’s searching for the woman in the photograph he found in Iraq, the photograph he’s sure kept him alive while serving. The photograph he considers his lucky charm. He does indeed find the girl. They embark on a tentative - and at times slightly lacking in trust relationship. It’s a kind of love at first sight story with just a touch of harmless stalker voyeurism thrown in for good measure but even so it’s a tender, sweet love story.

I’ve read quite a few of Nicholas Sparks novels and they are, if I’m honest my guilty pleasure. They are, to me, the literary version of a chick flick. The model for the majority of Sparks’ novels are basically the same: tortured, damaged boy meets girl, falls for girl, manages to royally mess things up, loses girl, gets girl back. They’re great for a hopeless romantic like myself. But with in saying that I felt that the characters in The Lucky One were quite one deminsional and predictible: there’s the tortured, quiet, handsome, slightly dangerous looking, chivalrous solider, the beautifully jaded single mother with the ever so slightly perverted physcho ex. But despite all of this, I found this to be a light fluffy, romantic (if not unrealistic) read that called to the hopeless romantic in me.

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