Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Secret Life of Bees (the book)

As I had kind of already predicted, I prefered the book version to the movie. The characters were developed more. The movie had changed around the plot in certain parts which actually made not a whole lot of sense. The book provided a more indepth study of the character and their relationships and more insight into why they were the way they were and their thoughts, dreams and feeling.

The relationship between Lily and Zach was much more developed and intriguingly more complicated than it was portrayed in the movie, there was a deeper friendship, kinship and tenderness than could be portrayed on screen.
Lily’s father was also more of a three dimensional character in the book. He was portrayed as struggling between loving his daughter in his own way and hating her. To him, Lily was a constant representation and reminder of the woman he loved and had hurt him, betrayed him and left him. Lily was also the person who ultimately took away the love of his life forever.
Overall, the book was an inticately woven, character driven, beautifully written, touching story of growing up and overcoming discrimination and accepting who you are and what you may become.

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